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Who's Who?


Musical Director: Andrew Young

Accompanist: Paul Austin

Officers, Trustees and Committee:

Chairman                                                  David Appleby

Treasurer and Trustee                                Fred Thompson

Choir Secretary & Trustee                           Gillian Johnson

Deputy Treasurer & Trustee                         Edgar Moore

Librarian & Trustee                                     Janet Appleby

Membership Officer                                     Anne Wraith

Concert Coordinator                                    Marion McKone                      

Publicity Coordinator & Website Manager       Jan Gavey


Other Non -Committee Posts:-

Honorary Conductor                                     

Ass't Librarian                                              Hilary Wright

Wardrobe Coordinator                                  



Section leaders:      

Soprano Section                                                    Penny Saint

Mezzo Section                                                       Carol Pattison

Alto Section                                                          Karen Mountain 

Mens' Section                                                        Terry Murray


Musical Director
Musical Director
Andrew Young
Paul Austin
Paul Austin
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